Women are Amazing!

Aren’t the people that you love and admire most women? They are for me. My sisters, mother, friends, niece, fellow women’s coaches…

But do you know that over 95% women are being verbally abused? Told they aren’t good enough? That they are disappointing? That they don’t deserve to achieve their dreams?

If you could help stop that abuse, would you? If you could make a difference for just one woman, wouldn’t you do it?

Well you can, because the worst part is – this verbal abuse is coming from…YOURSELF!

We totally abuse ourselves with that little voice in our head. Holding up impossibly perfect standards for ourselves and being disappointed, frustrated, and angry with ourselves when we can’t meet them.

No matter how great we are in some areas of our lives, we focus on the areas where we feel like a failure. We think about it, stew on it, berate ourselves.

What if you could learn to stew on your strengths? Love yourself BECAUSE you are imperfect?!?

Can you imagine what life would be like if that little voice was constantly inspiring you and encouraging you to reach your goals?

Here’s What I Know!

Women’s goals support families, friends, and communities. We don’t make goals to rape the earth and get ahead at any cost. We make goals that have a positive impact on not only ourselves but on others.

If women the world over could believe in themselves enough to reach their goals, we would have an amazing world, it would change EVERYTHING.

I believe that we can do this by owning our power – in our relationships with ourselves and others.

If we love and support our own selves just as we do our loved ones, we can find our strength to live out our dreams.

As a women’s empowerment coach, I believe that if women could support each other, help each other, and stand together, then we can make the world a better place. And that is my mission. To help you with tools, resources, support, encouragement, and belief that YOU have the power to live the life you dream about and that in doing so you are serving the world.

So I invite you to take the first step in changing that voice and download Loving All of Me: Even the Parts I Though I Had to Hate by entering your information to the left. And together let’s prove the Dalai Lama true when he said, “The Western woman is going to save the world.”