Hey, so you must have googled my name for some reason, what are you a stalker? JK! Maybe you heard about me through or one of my books and are trying to find out a little bit more about me.

There’s not a ton more to share past what’s on the about page. 

If you haven’t visited that site, it’s my favorite. It’s the go to for all things energy healing related.  Lots of podcasts, energy healing processes, and programs from my favorite healers for various issues. We are also growing it to supporting new energy healers, helping them build a business, and introducing people new to the world of energy healing.  

Before that, I worked as an EFT Practitioner with private clients. LOVE love love EFT. 

Before THAT, I was mainly focused on traveling or saving money to travel. Lived in California for about 10 years total (Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Studio City) and Brooklyn.

I left when I was 25 for my first big trip and was gone 2 1/2 years – New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, China, Vietnam (with a few weeks in the South Pacific).  Highlights of that trip, New Zealand 9 months, one of my top 3 favorite countries.

Then came back to the States and lived in NYC. Moved to LA. Left again for a year overland Mexico, Central America, South America. Learned Spanish in Guatemala (great place to learn btw, you stay with families and get 4 hrs private tuition very inexpensively, I preferred Xela). Argentina another top 3 country. 

Came back, left again for Nepal, Everest Base Camp! Six months in India (3rd of the top 3 favs). Middle East and Europe. Those are my three LONG trips. 

Total is 60+ countries at this time of writing, with many more on the list. Latest favorite was Botswana, had been wanting to go since I was 19 and it exceeded expectations.

Now Sedona, Arizona, is my home base and still taking trips when I can. I plan to move to Italy in the next few years because I am also an Italian citizen. Have spent relatively little time in Europe. Living in Namibia is also on the radar.

What else, love tennis to play and to watch the pros. Hiking the red rocks here is fantastic. Cross-country skiing is a new love. Read a lot, more than tv.

That’s a pretty short summation for one’s life! 

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite photos from my travels.