Why I know that emotions are at least half the battle

by Aimee Serafini on December 3, 2012

I think science will catch up with us one day on being able to measure emotions (in the form of energy) and their physiological effect on the body. They already know some of it, but eventually they will realize how huge it is, how much impact it has on our health.

I already know that emotions are half (at least!) of the battle because I witnessed it first hand.

It was when my mother was sick. I was 23 and had been living in California when I got the call that her health was much worse than we had thought, so I  moved back home to Ohio. Mostly I thought to help her get her illness under control, and a tiny bit to be there just in case I couldn’t. She had tried a lot of conventional and alternative therapies over two years and had some success with some of them, but never real success.

So at one point my sisters and I wanted her to see a psychologist to talk about her emotions and feelings – as nothing along those lines had been suggested by any of her doctors and we felt it was a piece missing. Not that we had reason to think she had anything buried, just that we felt there had to be something else going on. I took her to her first appointment and went in with her. It seemed pretty harmless. She talked a little about when her mother died 3 years ago and she said she hadn’t really allowed herself to grieve and maybe they could talk about that. After we left, she became nauseated and we had to stop in a parking lot for awhile for her to throw up in a bag.

For the second appointment, her best friend was going to drive her there. On the way there, she literally had a fit in the car grabbing at the steering wheel to turn around (while on the freeway!), sobbing, saying she would never go back.  She wouldn’t explain why but was adamant she would never go. She had never refused any other medical help, just this. And she never did go back or ever talk about it again.

We still have no idea what was so scary for her. We had always been close with her side of the family and never heard any rumors. But whatever it was, we realized is that it was scarier for her to bring up the past and her memories and her emotions, than it was for her to die. She would rather use all of her energy suppressing them than address them so that she could heal.

My sisters and I believe that those emotions were the main contributor to her dying at the age of 55, that is the reason why her body couldn’t heal itself. That she literally chose to die instead of feeling her emotions. It seemed crazy to us, but it was that hard for her.

So I now think no matter what you do physically to treat an illness with nutrition, medications, surgery, exercise, supplements – if you don’t address the trapped energy in your body from unprocessed emotions, you will have little to no success. If the energy is trapped in emotions, it can’t be healing. Our body’s natural state is to heal itself and it can’t do that when its attention is elsewhere.

And that’s why I love Emotional Freedom Technique. I dabbled in other healing modalities after she died but it wasn’t until I found EFT that I decided THAT was the one. I realized it was an incredibly simple tool that even children can learn to process emotions when they happen, so they don’t get trapped. So that they don’t divert precious energy from healing your body.

As I was writing this, I just realized I have only been sick once – just one sinus infection while traveling in Kashmir, India – since I learned EFT. Literally. I learned it in 2002 and I have been sick just once. Before that I got colds at least once a year and had the occasional illness. I was generally pretty healthy, but still. I have no idea if /what EFT has had to do with it, but isn’t that interesting?

I’m interested in your experience. Have you ever seen emotions physically hurt someone? Have they compromised your health?

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