Sweet Stuff – Going off Sugar

by Aimee Serafini on February 3, 2013

For the past month, since Jan 1, I have been off sugar. By that I mean any added sugar. No desserts or sweet drinks – hard or soft. If there is a little sugar in a salad dressing, that’s okay, but I’m only eating savory foods. Not even eating much fruit at all, only if it’s in something.
I figured since sugar was the last thing I wanted to give up, it was probably the thing I needed to give up the most. The reason I am trying this is because sugar/sweeteners is the one thing that I’ve never gone off before. I’ve been raw vegan, so that pretty much precludes everything but fruit and veges and nuts/seeds, but I still used raw sweeteners to make the delicious chocolate mousse made with avocados and raw cacao. I still used dates to sweeten things. And I still ate plenty of fruit.

I went gluten free on the advice of a chiropractor, thought I’d give it a shot, that wasn’t very hard. It’s been 3 months today, and I don’t even really care that I technically can introduce it back into my diet. We are having pizza at the superbowl party tonight and I’m bringing my own GF crust.

Sugar was a 30 day plan, and now I’m in to day 34 and I sooo want it back, but I’m going to try and stick without it longer.

I thought after a few weeks that I’d lose my taste for sugar. And it dropped off for a little while, but it came back pretty strong. I really think about it a lot.

So I decided to get in touch with what it meant to me emotionally. And I realized that sugar was my friend! It was something that ALWAYS made me feel good (in the moment) and that I could always count on. Always readily available. Haagen Dazs peanut butter and chocolate ice cream could turn any boring day into a fun one. IT NEVER LET ME DOWN!

Who wants to give up such a great friend as that? Because let’s face it, humans can’t just be counted on 100% of the time, some just by nature and others with the best of intentions, life will happen to them and make it difficult for them to do what they said they’d do.

This is kind of a new thought for me, this sugary best friend, so I’m going to sit with it awhile. I also know that while it is loving to have a great reliable friend, the effects of sugar are not loving to my body. Sugar causes so much inflammation and other issues. So here I want to be loving to myself by comforting it and feeling special, and I also want to be loving to myself by honoring my body.

And before you say it, I have tried in general to find something else to do instead, when I want that sugar, and seriously, nothing else works as well. Whereas I can enjoy sugar every single day, multiple times a day, going on a bike ride every day or going to the park for a walk every day, things I enjoy, start to wear thin. And their effects only last for an hour or so. Sugar can be there for me all day long.

OK, let’s see what the collective mind comes up. Anybody else with a sugar friendship? Anybody else struggling with replacing it? Anybody had success? Let me know below.

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