I’m lazy

by Aimee Serafini on April 8, 2013

I hear this as the reason for failure so many times from my women clients. They know what they need to do, they just don’t do it. It is especially true when it comes to weight loss. This is the #1 reason that they cite.

So I wanted to talk a little about this in the post.

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These same women are also often working a full-time career, a mother/wife, running a household, helping sick family/friends. And yet they call themselves lazy. Just because they haven’t been able to willpower themselves into eating healthy foods and exercising.

I’m come to believe that laziness is pretty rare. Maybe if you sit around watching mindless TV all day, playing video games. Sleeping in every day. Perfectly content with that and not wanting anything to be different. Not caring about our fellow man or wanting anyway to make the world better place. Not desiring to help anybody, just wanting to do what is easy for you. Maybe that is a lazy person.

Generally though, when it comes to something you really want and not being able to find a way to do it, I don’t think laziness is involved. I think it is more about either thinking you want something you don’t want, or feeling deep inside that the change will make your life worse. OR trying to solve your problem with completely the wrong tools.

Take weight loss, if you lose weight and are fit and active, what more may be expected of you? Will your overweight friends start to reject you? Will you lose any excuses for why you aren’t getting a promotion at work? Or why you aren’t dating? These fears can keep us stuck where we are, because we are essentially trying to protect ourselves. It feels like failure, but it is really our body/mind trying its best to help us stay where it thinks it is safe.

So with overeating and food issues, it’s not laziness that’s keeping you from moving forward. There can be so many more reasons.

As I began working on emotional eating for myself, I realized how much more there is to it. And I saw the way women (and men!) beat themselves up for not following through.

So I decided to bring together 12 experts in this field and interview them. So that we can all benefit from what they have figured out that works. So we can stop trying to dig a whole with a toothpick and instead use a shovel! Use tools that work!

I invite anybody reading this post to register for free. You will have access to each expert for free for 24 hours. PLUS each expert is giving a way a special bonus to all participants.

I guarantee you will learn something about yourself and start to see some light at the end of a tunnel. Struggling with food is not a life sentence.

You can register right here: Loving Food Loving Life Summit

Hope to see you there!

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