What if I have TOO MANY dreams?

by Aimee Serafini on July 29, 2013

We’ve been talking about going for your dreams the last few e-zines – about how it doesn’t matter what we’ve done or not done in the past, how we get started, and how we have to schedule them in our busy lives or they won’t happen.

But what if you have so many different ideas that you don’t even know where to start? That’s great! That means you have a lot of fun ahead of you and a lot of options.

Still though you do have some prioritizing to do. Because 50 dreams that have one step done is not nearly as fulfilling as one dream 95% there.

Here’s what I suggest, and what I often do with clients in our initial session. First, make a great big list of everything you want to do or experience. Actually write this down. You can call it a bucket list if you want, but I find that name a little depressing myself. I think a Dreams List is more inspiring.

Then go through and rank them A (have to do) B (really want to do) or C (would be nice). You can have as many as you want of any category.

Then take everything in the A list and put them on a new list. Start by comparing the first two and ask yourself if I’m writing my memoirs, which one of these would I really want to have done? Then take the winner of those two and compare it to third item on the list. Take the winner of that and compare it to the 4th item. And so on until you have a clear winner.

Now let’s just get started on that ONE dream. It might be a HUGE dream, but that’s all the more reason to get started today.

Using the principles in the getting started article, ask yourself, what is one thing I can do right now to get started? I find the first thing I need to do is brainstorm about it. Think about all the different components to that dream and write them down. Keep breaking down each item until any one thing takes less than an hour. And you have some things that take 10 minutes when you only have a little bit of time. Then schedule one action into each day. Some days it might be 10 mins, sometimes you’ll move through 4 hours worth of actions. Keep going and YOU WILL MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE! I’m serious. You can’t lose.

And the great part, you are going to learn and discover so much as you take action.

So tell us what your one big dream is over at the blog, and then the first action you are going to take. Writing it down in public often helps!

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