I know you hear a lot about sharing your unique gifts with the world and  making a difference. I talk about this and a lot of others talk about this in big way (e.g. Oprah). 

But maybe you don’t have this big, change-the-world gift. Maybe you think you should. Or that you do, but you just can’t get in touch with it.

And maybe that makes you feel a little “less-than” the people that are out there doing big things and impacting the world.

You think “where’s my big gift” or “what’s wrong with me”?

So here’s the truth about it: you do have a gift and there is nothing wrong. It’s that whole comparison thing again that gets in the way.

We tend to think to change the world, it  means affecting thousands, millions of lives. And for some people it is. But not everybody, and not for most.

If you can just start with yourself and be the whole YOU you are here to be, that IS changing the world. Think about it, if everyone did that ONE thing, what an amazing world we have!

And let’s say through your whole life, you help one other person do that…whoa! Because we are now two steps closer. And perhaps that one person helps another and so on.

Maybe your gift is helping people feel appreciated and valued. Maybe it’s raising amazing children. Maybe it’s organizing things so that those who are the movers and shakers in the world can do their thing. Maybe it’s having a beautiful garden that when anyone walks by your house they get a sense of peace and appreciation of nature. Maybe it’s caring for animals so they can bring unconditional love in the world.

There are as many gifts in this world as there are people, and yours is just as important as anyone’s.

So if you don’t feel this calling to do something “big”, that’s completely okay. Just bring your gift to the world, whatever it is, and we will all be better for it.

My question for you, what gift do you have that perhaps you undervalue? How can you give it more? Let us know in the comments below.