by Aimee Serafini on January 16, 2014

Can you laugh at yourself?

See the humor in your “flaws”?

If I had to rate attractive qualities in a person, this is a big one for me.

Last week I met a guy and we had a great conversation about Human Design, and afterwards I realized one of the reasons the conversation was so great was because he could laugh at his flaws and failures.

It made him seem very charming and real at the same time.

But instead most of us go to great lengths to hide or deny our flaws.

Because we think if anybody finds out, then we won’t be loved, or maybe we would be ridiculed.

Talk about energy wasted hiding them, when owning them and accepting them is actually very attractive!

But easier said than done, right?

First we have to be able to step back from them and give ourselves a little distance. Let go of our negative judgments of them.

We are doing this very thing in module 2 of the Self-Love Adventure Course this week. We are clearing the negative emotions that we have attached to all things we think are wrong with us.Your tapping sentence could go something like this:

Even though I feel ___(negative emotion)___ because I am ____(character flaw)____, I completely love and accept myself.

Once we let go of our judgments of our character flaws, it’s much easier to see them as funny and as part of who we are.

Let us know in the comment section below what character “flaw” you are going to tap and, if you can already see it, how it can be kind of funny too.

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