Trusting your Intuition about Healers

by Aimee Serafini on April 21, 2014

414965641_8b8db2a576_zThere are a lot of healers using a lot of different healing modalities out there. Some of them work for me, some of them don’t, and I’m betting you have experienced great results sometimes and so-so or non-existent results other times.

So how do you know what to try?

Is it by the number of scientific studies that prove the modality works?

Possibly, if that helps you.

But I feel you have a much more powerful way of knowing who to work with.

And that’s your own intuition.

Because I guarantee that any scientific studies you find do not take into account all the dynamics between you, your current situation, the healer, and the modality. They couldn’t possibly!

And I know that no one treatment works equally on every person on every time.

So literally ask yourself, out loud, is this for my highest good at this time right now? And listen to either your gut or your emotions (different for different people). If you get a yes in your gut OR if you get a calm peaceful emotion, then the answer for you is Yes.

If you don’t, then it’s a No for right now (maybe later).

And if I get a yes, I like to then  ask myself on a scale of 0-10 how important is it for me right now to do take this further, and I go with the first number that pops up for me. Sometimes it is surprising!

Your body/mind always has the answers that are right for you, and you also must practice. So try it and see how you start to answer yourself, it’s fun!

Let us know how it goes by leaving comments below.

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