Summer of Love

by Aimee Serafini on May 21, 2014

Happy Summer! (or winter for our Aussie/Kiwi friends)

I am grateful that you are part of this community, because you are one of the few who realizes how important loving and accepting yourself are to your happiness.

A lot of people don’t get that, they think if they work on the money, the man, the body – THEN they will be happy.

But you understand that self-love is the foundation of a joyful and successful life. Without it, the rest won’t matter and it won’t last.

Good for you!

So how is your self-love practice going? What specific steps are you taking to learn to love yourself more?

I know it can be hard, so I am asking you to let me help you.

Because if it were easy, we’d all be wildly happy and successful.

Starting next Wednesday, May 28, I’m hosting the next live installment of my signature course, the Self-Love Adventure.

Let’s make this a special Summer of Love together!

It’s a 6-week course in which we cover all the things that are holding you back from connecting with that love. The beliefs, the memories, the comments, the judgments, the comparisons. We use Tapping (EFT) to release those quickly and effectively.

We then tap to feel good about owning our good qualities.

And we learn easy daily practices to continue to build those feelings every day.

It’s super fun!

Here’s a comment from one of the participants from our last live course:

“I am very grateful for this program– these are issues I have been grappling with my whole life but have never found an outlet where I could analyze and discuss them.  I have found that most people find it uncomfortable to discuss this beyond superficial statements like “of course you have great qualities and should have confidence in them.”  And they seem even more uncomfortable when you try to describe what is behind your lack of self-love, perhaps because this makes them question their own.” – Debbie

If you are ready to join us click here. And did I mention there are some fantastic bonuses?

  • You get permanent access to the 10 Best Interviews from our Love Myself Love My Life event – all about self-love
  • A special tapping audio from Carol Look on loving yourself
  • A special self-love hypnosis audio from Glenn Harrold, the UK’s most famous hypnotherapist
  • And a special surprise bonus that I’m currently creating with Kim Serafini that is SUPER!
  • PLUS $100 coupon off the regular price for the $297 homestudy course – coupon code SUMMER

I can’t make a sweeter summer offer!

If you want to read a little bit more about it, then click here to get the full description.

I sincerely hope you can join us! You deserve it!


PS. Or if you have any questions, post them in the comments below and I will answer them all!

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