Check out all these women dancing

by Aimee Serafini on June 9, 2014

In my newsfeed I got a link to a recent video of Sir Mix-a-lot performing his iconic song “Baby’s Got Back” with the Seattle Symphony.

It made me happy and sad to watch this video.

1) Happy because it’s a fun song, and he invites audience members on the stage who dance wholeheartedly despite having no chance of ever being on the cover of Cosmo – who clearly feel sexy and appreciated while they dance and feel good about their body shape. When you watch, there are women’s of all shapes and sizes shaking their thing and you can tell feeling pretty good about it.

2) Sad because it’s so rare for women of all shapes and sizes to feel good about themselves in this context – and not made to feel less than because their size is in the double digits or they are 2 sizes smaller on top. Why does this have to be rare?

Overall I’m going to choose to feel good about it because it’s proof that this is possible, that size and shape are just a preference not an objective ideal, and that we can all choose to feel this way whenever we want, just like these women do on this stage.

Let me know how it made you feel over comments below.


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