Finding the Support You Need

by Aimee Serafini on August 26, 2014

yoga festival 14913800236_dc3dd6ab04_mThis weekend I’m off to Floyd, VA for the YogaJam – a 3-day festival with yoga, music, and local organic foods. I’ll be camping with Maiyah Olivas – some of you may recognize her as one of three experts who created the Get Slim & Stay There program with Carol Look and myself.

I wouldn’t say that festivals are my thing. At all, really. Often hot sweaty and crowded, meh. And I am not in a yoga phase right now. So why am I going?

The biggest reason is because I want to meet Maiyah in person. She’s so much fun on the phone and a great healer, and this seemed like a neat place to meet up.

Also because I’m literally expected to wear yoga pants the entire time. My dream is for the world to live in stretchy, comfy clothes – we’d all be in better moods. ;-).

But another important reason is that people that would go to a yoga festival are, more likely than not, people I would enjoy being around. I know that’s a generalization, but I certainly will have more in common and get better energy from these types than say at the Ohio State Fair.

It was kind of a sure-why-not decision when she asked, and now that it’s in a few days, I’m glad I did. Because I think being around people whose energy is in alignment with your goals is a crucial part of your success.

So many of you probably have family that is dismissive at best, or friends that may have gone a different path than when you met…and it can be easy to just stay there and sacrifice the support to go for what you want.

And even if you have great family and friends, new people can help you see things in different ways and introduce you to new opportunities.

So although it may be outside of your comfort zone – my question for you is how can you create more support for your dreams in your life? Is there anything you have been thinking about doing but not got around to? Now’s the time!

Share it with us in the comments below so that you have some accountability and it becomes more than an idea in your head.

It will be worth it, I promise!


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