Puppy Break!

by Aimee Serafini on August 12, 2014

Cute PuppyMy neighbors have a new puppy, so cute. She’s a cockadoodle retriever. I just made that name up – but she is golden retriever, poodle, and cocker spaniel. SOOOO CUTE.

They asked me if I would be able to let her out a couple times a day on the days their schedules keep them from the house a long time. So of course I said yes.

On those days I set a reminder for 1pm and 5pm and go play with the puppy. She is so earnest in her playing, it’s very important to her, and of course she is hilarious in her antics.

My neighbors thanked me several times, and I said, Everybody should have a puppy break.

What a great way to take a mental and physical break and let go of worries.

Now of course all of us can’t have puppy breaks every day for the rest of our lives. BUT, what can you do that is fun, light hearted, and grounding for you? Can you schedule it in your calendar so that it’s a priority? Even if it’s just 2 minutes to watch a funny cat video on youtube. Dancing to a fun song. Taking a 5 minute nap?

Something that breaks up your stress patterns and resets you.

Let us know what that is or could be for you in the comments below.



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