Chatting with Your Higher Self

by Aimee Serafini on September 15, 2014

8113223751_d9b5a137df_zI was recently introduced to a guided meditation of sorts in which you imagine you are in a sitting in a beautiful garden overlooking a gorgeous view (I chose Lake Tahoe) and there are flowers and warm sun and pleasant chirping…and you see a person walking up to you and you know you are happy to see them…it turns out to be you, as your Highest Self. All your good qualities shining forth, warm and loving and open. And she is excited to see you – enjoys being with you and talking with you, and sharing her wisdom.

The process I was doing recommended hanging out with your higher self several times a day – so that you can start to see the essence of who you are inside and realize that this highest part of you  is with you all the time. You just have to remember to access it.

Isn’t your Higher Self quite easy to love? To accept? Can you see your bad moods and less than stellar moments as not the real you? As as a part of you that you can accept in all your wisdom knowing it’s not WHO you are, but just a pattern you might fall into at times…and that the real you is still loving and lovable?

I invite you to try the meditation for a moment and see how it feels for you…and then let us know what you discovered below in the comments section.

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