Worry or get excited about money?

by Aimee Serafini on October 12, 2014

Continuing with your backstage access to special speakers from Season 2 of Love Myself Love My Life (you can still register for full access by clicking on that link), I’d like to introduce you to someone pretty special.

I know a lot of you don’t have time to listen to all the speakers or may not want daily emails sending you the links. So as a benefit of being a part of my community, I’m going to share one speaker each week and give you the whole week to listen to them.

And you want to listen to this one…really you do…if you:

  • worry or have anxiety about money
  • really WANT a lot more money than you have
  • would like to raise your financial vibration to the next level or two
This week we have Niky Rey, who is has been doing amazing work on setting your relationship with money to neutral, so that you can allow that form of energy (which money is just a form of energy) to flow in.

Listen to Niky’s Interview

So many of us have many beliefs and blocks and put up a vibrational force field that repels money! The worry, anxiety, and want are all forms of repelling the flow of money.

How do you release those feelings?

Niky received a download that what is most important is setting our vibration to neutral toward money – neither fretting about it or getting excited about it – and how to help people do that through working in what quantum physicists call the Zero Point Field.

I recently enrolled in her program myself because it seems no matter what type of work I do, I max out at the same income, which is where I am now. I want to move to the next financial level and I know I need some help as I have repeated this pattern for years. One of her bonuses is being part of a private Facebook group with other members, and not only am I so impressed with the support and good energy of the other people, the results they are seeing after just a week are so fun. Here are just a few posted on the Facebook group:

  • “A job offer I was waiting for finally came today AND the compensation is $3,283 above what the employer had previously quoted!” – Simone
  • ” I received $700 from a family member as a house warming gift! Very unexpected but grateful!” – Jenn
  • “I have become happily unstuck in contacting my business partner concerning monies due me and proceeding more positively in selling my home” – Colleen
  • “for the first time was calm while paying my bills” – Ursula
  • “My husband who is unknowingly on this program received an unexpected cheque this week for £700. Very grateful.” – Karen
On the call, Niky leads you through clearings including: 1) Show Me the Money – to help invite the next chunk of money into your life 2) Spirituality & Wealth – to help neutralize the belief that spiritual people cannot also be wealthy and 3) Financial Uplevel – to help take you to that next vibrational level where a new job, raise, promotion, or opportunity can present itself.

I haven’t interviewed a financial healer on my program before because I’ve been looking for the right one – and Niky is it! So have a listen to see if it resonates with you.

Niky’s Interview

Leave your comments, thoughts, and a-has in the comments below (and be entered to win our quarterly blog commenter contest).

PS. If you are interested in doing energy/vibrational work around money, I encourage you to listen to the interview by Thursday, because if you like her program, it has a special price for 48 hours after she airs on the summit – which means the special price will end on Thursday at 8pm ET. I just don’t want you to listen next weekend and then be frustrated you didn’t know to listen sooner

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