Do you have self-compassion for all that you’ve been through?

by Aimee Serafini on October 19, 2014

Today I’d like to introduce you to SELF-COMPASSION taught in a special way..
Edward Mannix has a NEW approach to creating a life of self-love, acceptance, and happiness.
It’s called The Compassion Key. He has found through his extensive studies, self-work, and working with many others that giving yourself compassion for all that you’ve been through, endured, put up with, were hurt by, were collateral damage in, all the guilt and shame around mistakes made and accidents that happened, regrets over decisions made, bad luck, bad timing – all of those types of things – can be healed through self-compassion. Through truly understanding and acknowledging the pain you have been in.
And he leads us through the “short-cut” approach to apply it to ourselves.
I can tell you it feels pretty good! When I was on my road trip this past summer, I listened to a number of his calls and was amazed at how addictive the process is and how natural, touching, and right it feels once you start. Once you learn, it’s very easy to start applying to so many things, more than you probably thought was there!
It’s really an amazing concept he is pioneering.
And then once you can shift those stuck energies away from guilt, blame, shame, regret, obligation, resentment because you TRULY are compassionate towards yourself, the rest of your life opens up for you to create as you want and receive all the great things you deserve.
So I highly recommend giving it a listen. It will be available the rest of this week.
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Ciao, Aimee
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