What are you NOT thankful for?

by Aimee Serafini on November 23, 2014

As we near the American holiday of Thanksgiving this Thursday, many of you will be focusing on what you are thankful for. And if not American, you have heard often to focus on the positive.

While I try to do the same thing, I think ignoring or dismissing what we aren’t thankful for is actually more harmful than thinking about it, as long as we use a tool or two to process that energy.

Just ruminating on the unhappy parts of your life doesn’t help either.

But if while thinking about them, you use a tool such as tapping (or EFT), to help move that energy along, you will find those thoughts and feelings pop up a lot less often. And when they do, they won’t have the big punch they used to.

Here’s a how-to for tapping  if you are unfamiliar, and in this situation you’d just think about what you don’t like and tap on each of the points on your face/body while you think those thoughts and feel those feelings. No need to say anything.

I’m not saying what you tap on will go away (although some times it does), but the yucky feelings will feel less important and impactful.

And while being postive and grateful is fun, it’s a lot easier when the negative isn’t always lurking around the edges trying to invade your thoughts whenever you let your guard down.

So for sure be thankful this weekend, but also acknowledge and process the negative stuff, we all have it. It will make the thankful part that much more fun!

Let us know in the comments below something you try to ignore or pretend it doesn’t bother you, and what tool you are going to use to help move that stuck energy along.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 4th Thursday of November to the rest of you. 🙂



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