Would you choose Beautiful or Average?

by Aimee Serafini on April 19, 2015

If you had to choose, would you identify yourself as Beautiful or Average?

This is the question that women in a handful of big cities around the word were asked…to choose to walk through a door that said “Beautiful” or one that was labeled “Average” – in this campaign for Dove.

Guess which most women chose?

Yep, Average.

Some chose the Average door day after day.

While I am not surprised, it is kind of sad isn’t it, that we have agreed to limit ourselves, especially in our own mind.

Mostly because fashion designers wanted their clothes to look on the runway like they would on the hanger, and so wanted clothes- hanger-type models.

And it changes all the time. Remember before JLo, nobody wanted a big butt, now many people do. In Asia, most women want very pale skin, while we in the west want to tan.

I think one of the big reasons too is because we don’t want others to think we think we are beautiful. Then we might sound arrogant or stuck up. Then they might not like us!

So many judgments and most of them not very empowering.

My question for you is, are you ready to start accepting that you are beautiful, no matter what, and projecting that?

I’m not saying to go around proclaiming how beautiful you are to anyone in ear shot, but having that inner belief that who you are right now is beautiful, and all the things that you think “beautiful people” get, that you deserve them too.

Leave your comments, thoughts, and a-has below.

PS. If you like energy healing, then I highly recommend giving Tarek Bibi’s interview a listen, he does a group clearing for everyone on letting go of the blocks that keep us stuck in feeling average. Really fun interview too.

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