21 Days Holiday Pure Love Infusion

  • Live Calls are Dec 8th & Dec 29th
  • Experience calm in your life in the midst of the chaos the season brings
  • Clear drama and negativity
  • Heal old family wounds
  • Show up as your True self this year

Create your most joyous, loving holiday season

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Energetic Support for the Holidays



An immersion of Peace, Pure Love and Joy

Morning and Evening Remote Energy Clearing

Give up your worries and frustrations this holiday season as you immerse yourself in Peace, Pure Love, Joy and Bliss. ‘Tis the season to be jolly but you’re not feeling it. Instead you may be feeling lonely, frustrated and worried. It feels more like the season of overwhelm, pressure and exhaustion.

Does the holiday bring you more stress than joy, with all the buying, overspending, and over giving?

Now it’s your turn to receive. Give yourself the gift of energetic support this holiday season. Ease the pressure this holiday and experience the incoming Light and Love and allow it to transform you this joyous season.


Shimmering, Sparkling, Pure Love Energy
experience it this holiday season



Every memory, feeling and thought can be transformed by Pure Love. All that’s required is your allowance and acceptance. Allow Love to be present in all of your interactions. Each day Denise will be doing remote energy clearings, Pure Love transmissions and alignments for 21 days. Momentum builds as you receive this high vibration energy each consecutive day.

You will receive an email each morning with the intention for the day. You may receive the energy anytime you choose during the day.

Denise will be tuning into the energy of this group. The 21 days is tailored to this group.

You will deep release at the cellular level to get rewired to attract joy, happiness, love and peace into your life. The beauty of 21 days is the releasing is done in layers. Today you may be ready to release something that happened 2 years ago, but you are not ready to release something that happened when you were 2 years old. It’s just too deep, but you might be ready after 7 days. We will be clearing, healing and releasing every day. We will be working with Divine Light and Divine Love which knows exactly what needs to be released.

The focus is on opening you to receive the love that you are and the love that is all around you so you can create your most joyous, loving holiday season!


21 days of High Frequency energies shifting you into higher frequencies so you can feel better about your life and everything in it. Minimize holiday stress this season.

The Light and Pure Love will clear out old hurts and wounds, and as the old hurts come up you will be receiving powerful energies to clear and heal them so you can enjoy your holiday season no matter what has happened in the past.

You will receive energetic support to release worry and dread, from overspending to family parties you really don’t want to go to. Experience calm in your life in the midst of the chaos the season brings. Clear drama and negativity. Heal old family wounds, release faulty programming, outdated behavior patterns and let go of any expectations others have for you and show up as your True self this year.

Sleep in heavenly peace
daily evening Infusion for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Feel immersed in the highest, purest vibration of Love. Ending your day with this high frequency peaceful energy will help keep your vibration high when you wake in the morning. When you are in the high frequency of Pure Love, you begin attracting love – loving people, loving relationships and loving situations.

Make this your brightest holiday season with
a sparkling, glistening energy field.



The experience begins December 1.

Includes 2 live group calls


Call 1 Holiday Intention and Energetic Support Live group call Tuesday, December 8

Come on the call Live and receive energetic support for what you most require for a wonderful holiday. This call is all about you!

Call 2 Celebrating and Releasing ritual for 2015, welcome 2016! Live call Tuesday, December 29

Special Bonuses

thru 11/24 4pm ET

For those who enroll in the first 48 hours, you will get
an extra two bonus mp3s to support you!

Bonus 1


Receiving Support and Love

Let go of anywhere you feel unworthy, underserving, unloved, and unsupported. You have support coming to you from people you don’t know yet, from guides and others. Are you aware of the opportunities? Are you open to receiving support? Do this daily practice and see what opportunities show up for you!

Thank you so much for the clearing, amazing, Denise. I have been looking for an apartment and nothing was working out. About an hour after Receiving Support, an opportunity I’ve been asking for showed up from an unexpected acquaintance from a group I belonged to years ago.

- Kate

Bonus 2


Transcending Trauma

  • Release toxic emotions from your cells and from your field
  • Stop letting the abuse from the past control you
  • Release the pushed down, suppressed and unexpressed emotions that are keeping you stuck
  • Clear patterns of reliving the abuse
  • Feel deep self-respect and self-love


Sold Out: Package A
Sold Out: 2 pay option


Package B includes everything in Package A, PLUS:

1:1 Session with Denise McNab
Sold Out: Package B
Sold Out: 2 pay option

Here’s what people are saying about the
21 Day Pure Love Infusion


This beautiful loving Pure Love Infusion 21 days took me to places within my being that had given up on being recognized and loved, pain I had learned to live with. The sacred space of the group was safe and gentle as each of us moved into sometimes scary and painful places. While in the beginning, I had little expectation, as I had done so much work on myself, many of those places came up for higher transformation. I found myself more confident, grounded and trusting in the midst of such profound, fast shifts. Her process allows for deep access but then her healing energy is so swift you are not lingering in the old wounds, simply sharply feeling them and the transformation.  The program is a perfect mix of transmission and you helping yourself with tools and activations. Denise’s program is grace in motion. As this grace moves through you, the very nature of how you see love and your life transform.

- Sherry

Just to thank you one more time, I have suffered with headaches for years and since you helped me in November infusion, I now rarely have a headache. I have tried a lot of headache remedies and energy clearing and nothing worked until you helped me. I am truly grateful for my healing and for all your healing gifts your share with others.

- Lynne

My experience was beyond words to describe. The energy is still here and it is awe~some! It is all about LOVE.All day today I am breathing Love! Unbelievable experience! Feeling joyful again! Thank you so much Denise McNab and all the group.

- Natalia

I feel a deep connection to Mother Earth. I then asked my higher self to come in and it was like my body was a suction cup that pulled her right in and locked her down. Talk about feeling grounded and present! I let and am still letting the pure love in like a smooth liquid lava. What a sense of being loved, safe, protected and peaceful just to be! Warm, peaceful and such loving kindness within and exuding all around me. Denise, this has been the best program, clearing and infusion I’ve ever experienced!

- Kathy

I did this session a couple hours ago. This was amazing!!!I love, love, love the prayer. I’m copying it, saving it and using it again. This is literally the first time I had no negative self talk or anything come to me. I just felt flooded with love and happiness and joy. I cried that hard cry again, but it was because I don’t know if I ever felt this feeling before. It was as close to one of the best feelings I have ever felt! I just wanted to thank you so much Denise for all the incredible healing that I’ve received!

- Judy

The energy today was so strong it was palpable. I use applied kinesiology and muscle testing daily and the energy around my field was so strong all afternoon that I could not calibrate a strong/weak muscle test what so ever. I tested strong strong/yes yes yes to everything…and had an incredible amount of energy. This has never happened before. Some powerful shifts going on, thank you Denise.

- Alex

I am having the MOST fantastic day. I started meditating on the Geyser of Love. I had a young client for treatment. I love feeling that I am leaving my pain and hurt behind, this new power and confidence boost is just AWESOME!!!

- Cynthia

Thank you Denise! I really felt connected to my higher self today, and I felt loved and supported, especially from my higher self. The mirror exercise is powerful for bringing up “stuff.” I had no idea how hard it could be to simply tell myself I accept you, I trust you, I love you. There’s a me inside of me, that’s always loved me, always accepted me, and trusts me. And forgives me, although there is nothing really to forgive. It is liberating.

- Adrian

When we did the first clearings around money, along with self worth and deserving, it became so clear that the reason why I could not go through with launching this project and to truly dive deep into it was all about me. 
It was about me that I felt undeserving and unworthy to bring this out.  And this was my core reason why I was not moving on with this project. When this began to lift with your clearings Denise I felt this project come back in energy very strong and now I do feel that I am finally ready, worthy and deserving to go to work with bringing out this program. I really needed that deeper clearing from you to realize that it was all me that needed to feel worthy enough to be able to bring it forth but also me feeling worthy to allow the abundance in all forms too.

- Saphira

I always felt held heard, treasured and held in loving sacred space.

- Colleen

After the healing and receiving courage, I’m feeling much better. During the healing I felt like I was bathing in a warm pink pool and the angels were there holding me in their arms. It was the first time I could really feel safe and secure.

- Priscilla

I have been part of other 21 day programs, and they were very beneficial in their own right. But this one has been the most powerful one for me so far. I have never had so much shift in my reality in such a short period of time.

- Gwen


Sold Out: Package A

PACKAGE A Payment Plan

Sold Out: 2 pay option


Sold Out: Package B

PACKAGE B Payment Plan

Sold Out: 2 pay option

About Denise McNab

Denise-on-blanket-78.12-204x300Denise is an energy worker and transformation coach who helps her clients eliminate the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts to live their thin lives and love their body. After suffering years of emotional and verbal abuse and turning to food for comfort, she healed her own emotional eating and learned to love her body. Denise has helped 100’s of people transform their bodies and love themselves. by coaching people through the inner and outer transformations to achieve their slender, ideal body. She matches divine love with your commitment to alchemically shift your body and emotions. Denise earned her black belt in Kenpo Karate. Her gift is holding sacred space for people to transform and heal the wounds of their past. She credits her training in focus, concentration and awareness with giving her a unique ability to hold people in their body with divine love as they transmute their most stubborn resistant and often hidden emotions. She also has certifications in Quantum Transformation Modalities, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Coaching. She channels the most supercharged form of Divine Love and facilitates deep cellular clearings and healing.

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