The Self-Love Mini Adventure

  • Together we will figure out where you are most stuck and why
  • I will lead you through an energy technique (EFT) so you can understand how to release your limiting blocks and beliefs
  • You will receive your personalized Human Design report so you can understand (and accept and value!) the characteristics you were born with (20-30 pages)
  • I will give you a Self-Love Adventure map to move forward on your totally fun adventure

You know how much self-love affects the rest of your life. That's why you are on this page.

But what exactly do you DO to fix it.

It's easy to say, well, just love yourself.

But you can't just break a lifetime of habits like that.

It is soooo possible to learn how, but there is some exploration to be done, some technqiues to learn, and some strategies to employ.

That's where the self-love mini adventure comes in.

Our call together will be fun and informative and I know it will be time well spent.

And if for some reason you find it wasn't, guess what? I will refund your investment.

So it's a no-risk call for you.

Once you enroll, then you will get a link to a questionnaire and then a link to my calendar so you can schedule a time that works for you.

Let's get started!