To contact Aimee about a speaking engagement, please contact support at aimee serafini . com

Signature Talks:

1) How to Have Happy & Connected Relationships – What can you do when you are struggling in a personal relationship but the other person isn’t meeting you half way? Or any of the way? In this workshop, you will learn how to use a simple energy technique to shift your own energy so that you can begin to let go of your negative feelings and shift into a positive, more powerful vibration – and improve the relationship as a result.

2) 3 Steps to Self-Esteem and Confidence – So many of us struggle with our own opinion of ourselves. We judge ourselves so harshly and expect near perfection. And then beat ourselves up when we don’t (can’t) achieve that. In this workshop, you will learn a fun and simple practice you can use to retrain your brain to become your own best cheerleader. So that you encourage and inspire yourself just like you do for those you love.

3) Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – You’ve probably heard of tapping, or EFT, and have wondered what it is. This technique, which involves lightly tapping on acupressure points while talking about something that’s bothering you, combines eastern medicine and western psychology to address stress and anxiety on three levels. The integration of the three levels helps process and clear the negative energy to make room for the positive. In this workshop, you will learn the basic Emotional Freedom Technique, will practice it in a group setting, and will leave being able to apply it yourself to neutralize stressful situations as they arise.

Speaking Bio:

Aimee Serafini is a women’s empowerment coach and an energy psychology practitioner specializing in helping women feel empowered to go for their dreams by loving and accepting themselves exactly as they are right now.  She is a strong proponent of women’s unique gifts and abilities to change the world into a more loving and harmonious place. She is the author of Loving All of Me: Even the Parts I Thought I Had to Hate, the creator of Love Myself Love My Life global event to help women learn how to love themselves and of the  Loving Food Loving Life event empowering women to explore and heal from emotional eating.  A lifelong traveler, she has backpacked through over 50 countries on her own, logging over 5 years on the road. Although she still loves to travel and incorporates it in her life, she is now most passionate about coaching women to love and accept themselves and let go of judgments and comparisons so they feel worthy enough to reach for their dreams.