T.A.N.G.O. System for Happier Relationships™

Affiliate Fact Sheet


My goal with our affiliate partnership is to:

1)      Reward you with lucrative commissions

2)      Take fabulous care of your clients so that they are grateful to you for introducing us

3)      Take great care of you by providing suggested emails, tweets, and facebook copy (swipe) and any other support you need

1. Commissions

  • $100 per signup in the course AND
  • An EXTRA $50 if anyone from your list takes advantage of the bring a friend for half price option

That means you get an additional $50 for people not even on your list!!!

Sign up as an affiliate by clicking here.

  • 2nd Tier Affiliate Option – If you know another coach or business that signs up as an affiliate because you share this opportunity with them, you will also get $15 for every TANGO participant from THEIR list as a “2nd tier” affiliate. If for some reason they signup without your link, just let me know, and I will add you as the 2nd tier.

2. Client Care

  • The TANGO System for Happier Relationships™ is a PROVEN system that has reduced clients’ stress and worry about a close, personal relationship by 85% on average. This means that by introducing your clients to me, they have the opportunity to feel happier, more peaceful, connected relationships with their loved ones. EVERYBODY wants that.
  • The TANGO System is repeatable, meaning once they purchase the course, they can then use it repeatedly on different relationships, so you are giving them a product that keeps on giving.
  • I also have a no-loophole return policy. They have up through the start of the 3rd module to get a 100% refund if the class does not provide them with what they were looking for. All commissions will be paid after the start of the 3rd module.
  • I give you my promise that I will take great care of your clients and give them the best service possible.

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3. Affiliate Care

  • I will provide you suggested emails, tweets, and facebook posts so that you can let your people know about this opportunity
  • I am always available to answer your questions one on one to make this as easy for you as possible.

So sign up HERE and let’s get started on empowering your clients to transform their relationships so they feel peaceful and connected.