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Here are what some of Aimee’s clients are saying about working with her:

“I am so happy to have my husband back!”

A couple years into our marriage, I felt like my husband and I were roommates. I remember lying in bed next to him thinking I feel lonely. I tried to talk to him a number of times and find out what was going on with him, and explain how I felt, but nothing worked. He would say everything was fine. It hurt me that he seemed to think this disinterest was acceptable. This went on for over a year and I felt resigned. I didn’t know what else to do. I decided to try working with Aimee and went through the TANGO process. I immediately felt more at peace with everything and I felt hopeful. Less than a month later, we got that connection back! I was so astounded when he asked me to go on a walk with him (something I used to love to do but we never did any more) and he reached down to hold my hand, something he hadn’t done since we were dating. I am so happy to have my husband back. I think every woman owes it to herself to at least try working on her relationship on the energetic level through the TANGO process. I am so glad I did. – Michelle R.

“It feels like someone has taken a set of chains off me.”

Even though my husband is kind and means well, he was nowhere near carrying his weight parenting. I had tried everything to get him to do more but that just caused stress and conflict. I felt resigned to the fact that I had to do everything and sacrifice my career so my children received the care they deserve. I applied all the manifesting techniques that worked with great success in other areas of my life, but I just couldn’t make any headway on my own with the family issue. After I worked with Aimee, almost miraculously, my husband began stepping up to the mark without my saying a thing! His relationship with the kids improved almost immediately and suddenly I had the freedom to pursue my career as well!  I now have a new balance and a sense of freedom I didn’t have before. I was even able to go overseas alone for a week-long conference and leave the kids and dad to do it alone. Prior to working with Aimee this would have been impossible. It feels like someone has taken a set of chains off me. – Anna, Australia

“Empowerment, hope, and excitement at the possibilities”

I participated in the TANGO course in order to work on my relationship with my Mom.  Long story short: We are more like fair-weather friends than mother/daughter, and my biggest issue with her is her inability to admit when she is wrong.  This made me resentful, discouraged and exasperated – with an intensity that regularly rated 9-10 on a 10 scale over the last 20 years. I really had no hope of things ever being better. But once I committed to the course materials and activities, I realized that the only way the relationship would change would be if I decided I wanted it to. With this realization came empowerment, hope, and excitement at the possibilities for not only my relationship with my Mom, but with other loved ones as well. Already, I have successfully cleared the most intense of my negative feelings, and have begun to transform my relationship with my Dad as a pleasantly surprising byproduct. I know there is more tapping and healing to be done, but participating in this course and learning the techniques gives me a tremendous advantage, and I am grateful for having been introduced to both the technique and Aimee.” – Megan A., Columbus, Ohio

“We have found a mutual respect.”

I worked on the relationship with my adult daughter that has caused me much pain and heartache for the last 12 years. After tapping through the TANGO steps, I am much less afraid and frustrated now and more open to seeing her strengths. I feel we have found a mutual respect as to how we want to be in each other’s lives. I am able to let go and Let God more easily and see her as capable. – DLS

“I am so relieved.”

My 19 year old daughter complained constantly to me about her on-going health issues, but stubbornly resented any of my ideas or advice. We bickered and argued a lot. I felt exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, and had a lot of muscle tension and sometimes a panicky feeling. After just the first week of the class, I noticed there was already less tension, less arguments. After the 2nd week, I noticed that my panic feeling was going away. When I did start to become upset, I could tap on it to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings and calm down. I also became aware of my patterns and could choose to respond differently, which helped us both. I am so relieved. The class helped me to focus on the issue in a consistent way, which I would not have done otherwise. -ESB Columbus, OH

It helped me to get to this much more hopeful, peaceful place.

After years of feeling unloved and worthless and dealing with depression because of numerous issues including my ex-husband’s abusive behavior, I joined the TANGO System for Happier Relationships course. The most amazing thing I learned was that I could actually choose to let go of those negative feelings, I never realized I had that option. The steps and the tapping technique Aimee uses helped me let go and instead begin to realize that I deserve self-love and that I can value myself. I’m going to be honest, it was not easy, and I did have to deal with some painful memories, but it was soooo worth it to feel this way. I just didn’t realize it was possible until I made the commitment to really work on myself. I am grateful for the process and the tapping technique that helped me to get to this much more hopeful, peaceful place.” -Debbie, Ohio

“It helped not only me, but it has helped my mother without her knowing.”

I decided that the relationship with my brother was affecting me more than I wished and decided to go through the TANGO process with Aimee. I knew I was very resentful, angry, and frustrated with his selfishness and how he took me for granted, but even more so with how he treated our mother. As I worked through the steps, I began to let go of those feelings until I felt peaceful with his decisions and let those be his choices. Not long after the course, a situation came up where he should have called our mother. Usually he would have made excuses or not even acknowledged my suggestion to call her, but I think because of how the course helped me shift my energy, he called her that same night. I am grateful for this course because it helped not only me, but it has helped my mother without her knowing. – Margie, NJ

“I can once again look forward to being with my family.”

During the TANGO course, I came to understand that my sister-in-law’s ingratitude and boorish behavior towards me and others is not personal but is based on her own issues and low self-esteem. I now feel more pity and understanding toward her instead of the anger and resentment I used to feel. My negative feelings and thoughts about her are mostly gone. Although she is still not my favorite person, after going through the TANGO process, I feel confident that when I do have to be around her that she will no longer push my buttons, and I can once again look forward to being with my family instead of just dreading her company. -DK, Illinois

“I just wish I had done this 20 years ago.”

“I worked with Aimee on a relationship with my boss. This woman had been a thorn in my side for 20 years, and recently had become my boss. I felt undervalued and unappreciated for all the hard work I did. I really feared losing my job because of this relationship. Aimee led me through the TANGO process and literally two days later, I had an amazing breakthrough with my boss. For the first time in 20 years, we actually understood each other. I was so amazed that I had to give her a hug. I just wish I had done this 20 years ago, because that was a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety that could have been avoided.” – Cheri L.

“I feel more calm and focused…and now she is more receptive to me! “

I was so impressed with this course! I was new to tapping and the workbook and tapping phrase generator really helped me identify exactly what I needed to do. It was thorough and purposeful. I feel much more accepting and appreciating of my colleague for who she is and what she has to offer now, and now she is more receptive to me. I also feel more calm and focused when she approaches me instead of suspicious and anxious like I used to be. Aimee’s explanations and guidance though the materials was so good, she used very good examples which really made the material stick. Aimee’s insight on Filters in the 4th class was one of my favorite parts of the course. I check for filters all the time with almost everyone I have a relationship with now. –CMager, CA