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2) Are you an emotional eater?

If you are, I wanted to let you know about an amazing collection of interviews with 12 emotional eating experts where they share their best tips and techniques to help understand why we eat emotionally and then how to go about undoing it.

This is not my field of expertise, so I wanted to talk to the experts. What I learned is that it’s NOT about diets or exercise. In fact, diets even make it worse.

It’s about what’s going on inside of us that drives us to turn to food when we need comfort or stress relief or love or a pick me up or a reward. When we can figure that part out, THEN we can begin to just eat normally. And not use food to make us feel better.

So no wonder we’ve been beating ourselves up for our weight and bodies and food choices and felt weak and like a failure when diets and exercise didn’t change anything. We’d maybe lose some weight, then put it all back on. All the while judging ourselves and berating ourselves.

So I created the Loving Food Loving Life summit about emotional eating and I asked 12 experts to help us understand and how to heal.

The event just finished May 5, and it’s now possible to own all of the mp3s and transcripts of their interviews.

I am offering all of Mark Porteous’ Personal Transformation Summit a $50 off coupon off the Platinum Plus upgrade package.

You will learn about things like:

  • How we may be lacking in key amino acids that can be driving some of our cravings
  • Why being busy and overwhelmed causes us to overeat
  • How holding a grievance can cause us to hold extra weight and how to release it
  • Why we self-sabotage and how to correct it
  • What lack of intimacy and desire can have to do with emotional eating
  • How to have a partnership with our body so we can learn what it wants
  • Energy techniques we can use when we are in the middle of a craving so it will dissipate

If you invest in the downloads of the mp3s and transcripts, I offer a 30-day guarantee, so if for whatever reason it’s not for you, then you can get a full refund.

With the Gold Package, you get 12 downloadable mp3s of interviews with the 12 experts, plus 4 bonus interviews (I brought back 3 of the experts to go into even more detail). Regular price is $147, current early bird price is $97. (But there’s no point in this one because the special offer for Mark Porteous’ guests is $97 and you get a lot more).

With the Platinum Package you get the same mp3s above AND the transcripts of the 12 calls. Regular price is $197, current early bird price is $147. (But there’s no point in this one either because the special offer for Mark Porteous’ guests is $97 and you get bonuses).

With the Platinum Plus Package you get the same mp3s and transcripts as above, plus access to 7 bonus materials that include a guided meditation around emotional eating, a happiness quotient quiz to help figure out what areas of your life may be causing you to turn to food, a guide to eating for the Highly Sensitive Person, and 4 others. Regular price is $247, current early bird price is $147, and you can own it for just $97 through this Add to Cart button ONLY.

This offer is only for Mark Porteous’ Personal Transformation Summit as a special favor to Mark. Please don’t tell anybody!

Additionally each speaker offers a free bonus that you can access by clicking on the Special Offer button under their picture.

Gold Package (but may as well get Platinum Plus as it’s the same price)

Platinum Package (again, the Platinum Plus is the same price)

Platinum Plus Package

I hope you enjoy learning about emotional eating and learn specific tools and techniques to get to the bottom of it and heal from it for good.

If you are still aren’t sure, check out the website to see all the speakers and topics. But make sure you purchase through this Add to Cart to button only because otherwise you’ll be charged the full price!