Using EFT (tapping) for worry

by Aimee Serafini on January 7, 2013

Tomorrow my 20-year old niece is going to have another surgery. This time on her back. She had a brain surgery a couple of months ago. My sister was really worried and distraught about that one, and so we did some tapping on it in advance. It made a huge difference for her at the moment, and then in the waiting room where she thought she might start freaking out, she was perfectly normal. I was on hand in case she needed some tapping, but it wasn’t necessary.

Now we have her surgery tomorrow, and my sister says she is doing okay. In fact this surgery is a bigger deal, more invasive than the brain surgery. But she is pretty calm and accepting.

I think it is because of the tapping we did over the brain surgery, that it released the worry emotions she was having.

When we tapped, we tapped on worrying about the worst case scenario. Because that is what worrying is – thinking of the worst that can happen and imagining it does. Since it doesn’t help, why not choose to think of the best that can happen and imagine it does. It is a lot more pleasant!

So we tapped on what all the good things can be, and how it would likely go, and its being natural she would be worried about her daughter, but that she could choose to bring a positive energy with her instead. That if something did go wrong, that she could choose to be in a calm collected space to deal with it then. That worrying in advance would not help her deal with any crisis.

I really love preventative tapping. Figuring out your worry, saying it out loud, processing it through your energy system, and letting it go. So much healthier than holding on to it or pretending it’s not bothering us.

What are you worrying about that is coming up in your life? Could you use tapping to let go of the worry and choose to be in a calm collected energy pattern instead?

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