What are you afraid of?

by Aimee Serafini on October 23, 2013

Recently I had a conversation with Rhonda Britten about fear. Rhonda is a celebrity life coach (she’s coached on over 600 episodes of reality tv) and had a REALLY unbelievable childhood trauma that Rhonda-Britten_300x300eventually led her to attempt suicide three times. As she laid there in the psychiatric ward, she realized she had to figure things out, fast.

And so she began to dive deeply into the emotion of fear. She uncovered how sneaky, tricky, and clever fear is. And makes a very good case about how it masquerades as other things in our lives. You might think, no, I’m not a fearful person, but she points out if you worry, complain, blame, get irritated, disappointed – then that is FEAR pretending to be other things. She is more eloquent on the topic than I am, but it all makes perfect sense.

In fact, I think it will make more sense if you listen to her, ha! Here is a link to the recording of the discussion: Rhonda Britten Fearless Living

Once you listen to it, I’d love to hear what ways fear has been sneaking into your life.

The things you don’t like about your life, how is fear involved? What is scary about changing them? What might life be like after the change that could be scary?

Let us know in the comments below.

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