Are you an ugly duckling or a swan?

by Aimee Serafini on November 11, 2013

As I was talking to our last guest on the Love Myself Love My Life summit about knowing your higher self, I realized that one of the problems so many of us have is either thinking we are something we aren’t or trying to be something we are not.

And that would make it hard to love and accept ourselves, because we aren’t being true to ourselves.

It’s like trying to fit in with the duck family because you think you are or want to be a duck, but just feeling all awkward and misfittish. When truly you are a beautiful swan that would shine and glow when being a swan, because that’s your true nature.

Now I actually think ducks are really cute, so great if you are learning to love your true ducky-ness. If that’s who you are.

But if you are a swan, it’s going to be a hard fight until you accept and love your swan-ness. Even if you were always told you were a duck and have ducklike friends and family. ESPECIALLY then. It can be even hard to admit you have a few swan-like characteristics in that case.

So my question for you, what is there about you or do you suspect there might be about you, that doesn’t fit in with what your world is supposed to be? How are you different? What qualities do you have that you think those in your life might not accept? That you never let yourself really express?

Let us know in the comments below, we love ducks and swans here!

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