The Law of Attraction is Fickle

by Aimee Serafini on September 26, 2012

One of the things I’ve been frustrated with lately (and for years when I let myself think about it) is this dang law of attraction. I feel like I have been doing all the things “they” say I should but it’s not working. And when I say it’s not working, “they” then say I’m not doing it right. Or I’m not this or that. But here’s what I am doing:

1) Set clear intention focused on how I would feel should such thing come true.

2) Let go of the details and intend for “this or better”.

3) Feel like I already have it (and I can REALLY feel it, I’m super good at that).

4) Detach from the outcome.

The good thing is because I feel like I already have it, I don’t really feel unhappy or at a loss. Because if you already feel like you have something, what more is there to want? I don’t feel like I’ll be happy when ______ happens. I feel pretty good now.

But NONE of the things I’ve been writing about have come true. I just came across an old notebook, because I decided it was time to start journaling again. And in that notebook were very clear intentions from FIVE years ago. And from THREE years ago. And they were the same. And I still want them now. And I don’t have them now.

So then I’m told that I must have limiting beliefs getting in my the way. I kinda feel like this a cop out to explain why it doesn’t seem to be working. It’s like the Scientologists who do this really expensive audit in the high echelons of their group (read about it once) and it costs like $100k, and if it doesn’t work, they say that you have aliens inside of you or something like that. It’s not the process’ fault. Never their fault, always something wrong about you, which you can’t argue against.

So I feel like the limiting beliefs thing is the LofA cop out. And BTW, I have done a LOT of limiting belief work. I understand it well and have helped others with theirs as a relationship coach and an EFT practitioner. I’ve tapped away things that could possibly have been interfering. I don’t FEEL like I don’t deserve any of these things or that they are impossible. I’m not wanting to manifest anything unusual.  In fact I really feel like I deserve them and they are totally possible. But I tap just in case I feel that way. Or that I must feel that way because I’m not getting the results I want. And still nada.

But they tell me that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, it’s a LAW not a theory, so if it’s not working in the way I would like I must be interfering with the process or doing it wrong. To me that feels like if I would say, gravity doesn’t seem to be working in my house. Everything is floating toward the ceiling, has been for the last x years. And the gravity specialists tells me, well gravity is ALWAYS working, so you must have some limiting beliefs about gravity. I would suggest, or Maybe gravity is not what you thought it was, or doesn’t always act in the way you have been teaching us.

Like I said, I’m a happy person, and I have a lot of things I’m grateful for. And you could then argue well it’s working because you are happy, and that’s the whole point right? But I don’t feel that’s Lof A at work. I feel that’s because I’m choosing to be happy. I’m choosing to feel that way. That’s not LofA – it’s not ATTRACTING anything into my life, it’s just how I decided to feel.

Still, I wouldn’t give up what I have learned about LofA. Even if it doesn’t work. Because I love having the power to choose how I want to feel. It’s a more empowering to know I GET TO DECIDE. And that it’s not about things showing up in my life, or specific outcome. I would take that any day over those things showing up and my feelings being at the mercy of external circumstances.

But I can’t help wishing I had that farm and amazing husband and naturally toned body too.

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