Be Your Own Valentine

by Aimee Serafini on January 28, 2013


This Valentine’s Day, some of us are single (me) or coupled. Some of us just broke up or are divorced. But we all have one thing in common…we will be spending V Day with at least one person: ourselves.

Since this day is all about love, I invite you to spend Valentine’s Day with someone you really, truly unconditionally love this year –  you. Now I know we can’t just flip a switch and say Oh, OK, I totally love myself now. I love myself even though there is 87 things that I actually hate myself for.

You are going to need a strategy. A strategy to start turning around all the judgment and comparisons and disappointment you’ve heaped on yourself all these years. Now granted, those previous habits WERE an attempt to succeed. You subconsciously thought if you were hard on yourself, you’d motivate yourself to be better. Or they protected you from the nausea when someone else said something negative about you.

Like in the movie Pitch Perfect, a character introduces herself as Fat Amy. She said it’s so skinny bitches don’t say it behind her back. The only difference between her and us is that she actually says out loud what we say to ourselves in our head.

Chances are if you are on this page, you have already picked up a copy of my book Be Your Own Valentine and learned the Mirror Technique, which is a simple, fun practice you can start doing a few minutes a day to retrain that voice to be your own best friend. If you haven’t picked it up, you can get your free copy at

If you already have it, but haven’t signed up to receive the advanced techniques and tips, you can register for those for free at

I would love to hear from you below how your practice is going, what questions you might have, and what you are noticing.

For example, one thing that I noticed is that once I started consciously choosing to love myself, I became even more aware of the countless ways I was trash talking myself. I didn’t realize how pervasive it was.

So let me know what you feel/notice/need below. I will be checking in and moderating so let it fly!


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