Breaking News: I will never be perfect!

by Aimee Serafini on February 10, 2013


So it might come as a shock to you, but as it turns out I’m never going to be perfect. At ANYTHING. I’m not even going to come close.

And then criticizing ourselves when we don’t measure up. Even though we can never measure up. I’ve had to struggle with this truth for most of my life. And I bet you have too.

Most women I know are always holding up the impossible standard of perfect to aspire to. The perfect daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother. Career. Athlete.


I looked it up and Michael Jordan missed one out of every two baskets (field goals) he attempted! He’s supposed to be the best there’s ever been, and even he failed half the time!

I think if Michael Jordan were a woman, he’d be reliving all the baskets he had missed. Saying well yes, I’m pretty good at basketball, but I should be better. I’m not good enough. Yet. I’ll celebrate then.

I’m not certain how we got here. Is it a lifetime of takings tests based on the 100% scale? If it is, then why aren’t boys as afflicted with it as we are?

What I do know is that striving for perfection is futile and soul defeating. It doesn’t feel good.


I have been making an effort in the past year to get really comfortable with good enough. More than comfortable – satisfied, delighted. Even when I know I have the capacity to improve. And choose to feel really good about those good enough results. It doesn’t mean I will be complacent, just that I will try and then feel good about whatever those results are. I might try again, but not because I’m beating myself up or feel compelled, but because I truly want to try again.

So my questions for you – what areas of your life could be more enjoyable if you were delighted about good enough?

And bonus question: Any thoughts why you think women (and some men) hold perfection as the goal?

PS. Subject of future post – I am actually perfect at one thing, being myself.



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