The Value of Coaching

by Aimee Serafini on March 3, 2013

No, this is not going to be a self-serving post why I talk about why you should hire me as a self-love and empowerment coach. I actually want to take this time to talk about what I’ve gained from coaching, and finding out from my readers how they have benefited from coaches in their lives.

I can say, for sure, that coaching has changed my life, for the way better.

When I started my new business, I really didn’t know anything. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I was just floundering around, trying to think of ways to build a successful business myself. At that time, I was an EFT (tapping) practitioner. I loved what I did, but I could tell that the business model I was using (similar to a massage therapist) wasn’t sustainable.

So first I got coaching on my money and success blocks. Boy was there a lot there! There still is some, but I’ve definitely released some major stuff.

Then I think that opened up for me the possibility that there was a lot more to the service I was providing than tapping alone. So I hired a business coach for coaches. I entered a year-long group  program, and that changed my life. I was actually introduced in an email to my business coach from the money coach – so one directly led to another.

In that year-long group coaching program, I learned so much. I created 5-week teleseminars, hosted a telesummit and have another one on the way, my subscriber list grew from 67 to 1,000, and I dramatically revamped how I offer my services that is by far in the better interests of my potential clients. And I have a clear direction of where I’m headed. (BTW, if you are a coach reading this and are interested in hearing some tips from my business coach, you can check out his free call here. It’s just content, no selling, and his year-long coach academy is super-reasonably priced.)

My business coach introduced me to a stress therapy coach who I’ve been working with for about two months. I didn’t even realize I had stress, seriously, I thought I was one of those people who was fine. Turns out that although I don’t have classic symptoms of stress, I do carry it in my body, and she has been great in helping me identify and release it. I can already tell so much of a difference in releasing old habits (like snacking) that were actually due to stress that I didn’t know I had.

And I have a tapping coach too to help me see what I need to tap on because it’s so hard to be objective when you are in the middle of it, even when you are an expert.

The point is, if I hadn’t found and hired coaches who were experts in their field, I imagine right now I would be thinking that I should be looking for a corporate job again. One that doesn’t excite me, that doesn’t serve anybody, that doesn’t help women lead better lives. And I’d be going along carrying stress in my body that would probably end up compromising my health.

So, my question is for you, have you had a coach and how is helped you? And/or if you haven’t, what areas of your life aren’t going so smoothly that you think would make sense to get coaching on?

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