What are you afraid of admitting about yourself?

by Aimee Serafini on October 30, 2013

I know you want to show up the best way you can. Of course you do. You want your best qualities on display and to be the best YOU you can be.

You also know you aren’t perfect. So what happens is that we try to hide the parts of us that we don’t consider desirable. That we don’t want others to see. I think that makes total sense.

But sometimes we spend a lot of energy hiding them. It’s like they are beach balls that we are trying to keep under the water. It’s exhausting and nearly impossible to keep them submerged. And when they do pop up, which they always will, it can be a shock to those around us…Where did THAT come from? Oh, this beach ball? it’s been here all along, I’ve just been working like crazy so that you couldn’t see it.

What if you stopped trying to hide your beach balls and let them bob along the surface peacefully instead of exploding into the air when you run out of energy? Wouldn’t that be more relaxing? For you and the people around you?

The first step would be to identify what your beach balls are. What do you not want people to know about you? Here’s one for me, which I try to pretend is not true, I don’t like everybody! I wish I liked everybody, I want to be the person who likes everybody, and I just don’t! Does that make me judgmental? Yes (yikes, don’t like admitting that either). But there’s (one of) my beach balls. I’m not perfect and I just think some people are ridiculous. THERE.

OK, so what is one of your beach balls. What is one of yours? Take the first step and admit it out loud in the comments below. And if you are the first person to comment, good for you!!!

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